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Scene & Sequel

a craft workshop for genre authors

  • Format: available in lengths from one to six hours.
  • Technical requirements: projector/screen if available.


Class Blurb:

SCENE & SEQUEL: the rhythm of fiction with Damon Suede

This workshop is a hard look at the bones of bestselling fiction based on Dwight Swain's revolutionary approach to storytelling. Whether you call it “scene and sequel” or “action and reaction,” this basic storytelling pattern allows you to pace your plot, escalate your action, and find your story’s heat and flow with a clear structural strategy that simplifies the process of planning, drafting, and revising your book.

Class Description:

Scene and Sequel is a practical workshop about structuring the events of your story for maximum suspense and maximum emotional impact. In this session we’ll explore:

  • the neurological roots of popular entertainment
  • techniques for situating story points for escalation and payoff.
  • the ways scene and sequel can amp your revisions, shortening and strengthening the process.
  • structural tricks and traps especially the recurring pitfalls that can gum up the works sif you aren't paying attention.

Scene and Sequel offers one of the simplest and most potent narrative tools to add punch and flow to any story. You’ll leave this class with a handle on a clear structural strategy that simplifies the challenge of planning, drafting, and revising your book.


  • granular Motivation-Reaction technique to ramp up signifant story beats
  • a Scene/Sequel recipe that allows you to plot an entire book without knowing the ending in advance (if that's your jam).
  • a checklist of structural traps that bedevil genre plots.
  • exercises to elevate your narrative fireworks and emotional payoffs.


  • "Scene & Sequel" for RT Boot Camp (Each May, 2013-present)
  • "Scene & Sequel" for West Houston RWA (February 2016)
  • "Scene & Sequel" for Dreamspinner Author Weekend (March 2016)
  • "Scene & Sequel" for Long Island RWA (September 2017)


 "For an endless moment, Runt imagined the crooked corporation had folded and they’d been forgotten, laughing and living together under these perfect suns, waiting for wives that would never come, happily hunting fresh meat at the sharp edge of the galaxy." (Grown Men - D. Suede)

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Recommended reading:

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  • James Bickham - Scene & Structure

  • Jane K. Cleland - Mastering Suspense, Structure, and Plot: How to Write Gripping Stories That Keep Readers on the Edge of Their Seats

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  • Elizabeth Lyon - Manuscript Makeover: Revision Techniques No Fiction Writer Can Afford to Ignore

  • Paula Munier - Plot Perfect: How to Build Unforgettable Stories Scene by Scene

  • Jordan Rosenfeld - Make a Scene: Crafting a Powerful Story One Scene at a Time

  • Dwight Swain – Techniques of the Selling Writer
    • also his fantastic Master Writing Teacher audio classes


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"No one deserves to be punished for loving with an open heart." (Hot Head - D. Suede)

If you'd like to book Damon to come present a workshop for your group or chapter, just give a holler.